Rather than pointing you toward the firms that spend the most on advertising, we’ve curated a list of attorneys who we – as prenup attorneys ourselves – consider the top prenuptial agreement lawyers in San Diego. You’d be in good hands with any of the attorneys listed here.

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Keep in mind that any California prenup lawyer will likely be able to help you. In other words, you are not limited to only San Diego attorneys. At Cyrus Pacific Law we help folks from across the state with drafting, negotiating, and finalizing their pre-marital agreements. We can help you, too.

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Six of the Top Prenup Lawyers in San Diego

Based on our research, we believe that the following attorneys are some of the best San Diego prenuptial agreement lawyers. Their experience and reviews show a dedication to quality legal representation and care for their clients. Without further ado, here are six of the top prenup lawyers in San Diego.

1. Niki Tran, Esq

Niki Tran Prenup Attorney San Diego

Attorney BioGoogle Reviews

Niki Tran is a dedicated attorney who offers focused and skilled representation for clients seeking prenuptial and premarital agreements. She has a wealth of experience in both contractual disputes and legal agreements, making her an excellent prenup lawyer in San Diego.

With a commitment to providing the highest level of personal service, Niki guides her clients through the entire process, ensuring they understand every step along the way. Her ability to explain complex legal concepts in simple terms sets her apart, making her an excellent choice for those who value clarity and personalized attention.

“I hired Niki to help me draft a premarital agreement. I cannot speak highly enough of her exceptional service and expertise throughout the entire process. Despite my tight schedule, she proved to be flexible, accommodating, efficient, and expeditious in handling all aspects of the agreement. Thank you Niki for your outstanding work!” – A.L.

2. Bonnie A. Rabinovitch-Mantel

Bonnie Rabinovitch-Mantel Top Prenup Lawyer

Attorney BioGoogle Reviews

Bonnie A. Rabinovitch-Mantel is a multifaceted dynamo with extensive experience in family law and a passion for helping her clients. With an impressive educational background, including two law degrees and two business degrees, Bonnie brings a unique perspective to her work. Her depth of knowledge and her ability to handle complex cases make her a top choice for those seeking comprehensive representation for prenuptial agreements. Bonnie’s dedication, personal attention, and humor create a supportive environment for her clients and make her a great choice for a prenup lawyer in San Diego.

3. Puja A. Sachdev

Puja Sachdev San Diego Prenup Attorney

Attorney BioGoogle Reviews

Puja A. Sachdev is a highly regarded divorce attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist. With a focus on family law, child support, and divorce cases, Puja brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her practice. Her certification as a Family Law Specialist demonstrates her commitment to maintaining a high level of knowledge and skill in the field. Puja’s passion for protecting the well-being of children in family law cases is evident in her work, making her an excellent choice for couples seeking guidance on prenuptial agreements.

4. Scott Levin

San Diego Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Scott Levin

Attorney BioGoogle Reviews

Scott Levin is a family law attorney and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst known for putting his clients’ needs first. With over a decade of experience practicing law, Scott has witnessed the destructive nature of traditional legal structures in divorce cases. As a result, he focuses on providing professional mediation services that prioritize respect, efficiency, and tailored agreements. Scott’s extensive knowledge of law, business, mediation, and negotiation makes him an ideal choice for couples seeking a peaceful and dignified resolution through the prenuptial agreement process.

5. Maria Rogova, Esq.

Maria Rogova Prenup Lawyer San Diego

Attorney BioGoogle Reviews

Maria Rogova is a strategic and experienced attorney who specializes in family law, including prenuptial agreements. With a competitive mindset developed through years of playing chess, Maria approaches legal matters with meticulous planning and foresight. Her international background and diverse educational achievements contribute to her well-rounded understanding of law. Maria’s dedication to her clients and her ability to handle various areas of family law makes her a reliable choice for those seeking a skilled attorney to guide them through the prenuptial agreement process.

6. Amanda R. Khiterman

Amanda R. Khiterman prenup attorney san diego

Attorney Bio

Amanda Khiterman is a Certified Family Law Specialist, fluent in Russian and English, with extensive experience in family law litigation, including complex custody and domestic violence cases. A founding partner at PLBK, she’s practiced in California, New York, and New Jersey. Her background includes a Cum Laude degree from the University of Massachusetts and a J.D. from California Western School of Law. Khiterman is recognized for her community service and pro bono work and enjoys volunteering and traveling.

Prior to founding PLBK, LLP, Amanda was a Senior Associate attorney at Antonyan Miranda. Here’s a positive client review she earned from a prenup client during her time there:

“Amanda was great to work with. She drafted a prenuptial agreement for me. I had discussed things that were non-negotiable between my now spouse and I. Then she brought up good points that I had yet not even thought about. She was not only knowledgeable but also very supportive and patient with us. When it came down to signing the agreement, she worked with our hectic schedules and then emailed us our copies quickly.” – C.V.

How Did We Come Up with This List?

The attorneys listed here were chosen based on several criteria:

  • Their practice is physically located in San Diego.
  • We found evidence that they have substantial experience with prenuptial agreements via their online reviews, website materials, and other credentials.
  • They have at least 10 Google reviews and an aggregate score of at least 4.5.

If you have any questions about this list, or you’d like to schedule a consult with an attorney from our firm, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime via the form below.

What Questions Should I Ask My San Diego Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer?

When choosing a San Diego prenup attorney, there are a few questions you should ask to make sure they are the right choice for you. During your consultation, be sure to ask:

Of course, there are many more questions you may have about prenups. However, these will help you get to know your attorney and their process.

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