Today, couples can simply print out a prenup template online and fill in the blanks. But while this may seem like an easy way to save on attorney fees, these one-size-fits-all forms are not always accurate. Nor are they always sufficient to safeguard your separate assets in a divorce.

If you’re getting married and curious about prenups, consult with an experienced California prenuptial agreement lawyer.  So you may be wondering, Is there a prenup lawyer near me who can help sort out the issues? If so, consider the professionals at Cyrus Pacific Law. 

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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Prenup Lawyer?

While pre-prepared prenuptial agreement forms are available on the web, know that you are on your own in the event a court invalidates the document. You only get one shot at a prenup. Once married, such contracts cannot be made. The following are four compelling reasons to consult an experienced California prenuptial agreement lawyer before signing anything.

You Get Independent Legal Advice

You might be planning for life as a couple, but you need to plan for divorce as an individual. Indeed, California encourages and sometimes requires each party to obtain their own independent attorney before signing a prenup. This is typically the case when the parties agree to waive alimony.

Many couples ask why they can’t just retain one attorney to draft their prenup. After all, it saves money. However, because of the adversarial nature of divorce proceedings, a single lawyer cannot represent both parties without incurring a conflict of interest.

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An Attorney Has a Professional Duty to Look Out for Your Best Interests

When couples draft their own prenups, they are in love and want to plan their future together. As a result, soon-to-be spouses may lack the willingness to assert themselves when negotiating the terms of the prenup. Couples may fear that being assertive indicates a lack of trust or love. An independent attorney is obligated to zealously advocate for terms most favorable to you—and only you. It may be a romance killer, but you’ll get over it. Hiring an attorney to do your “dirty work” during prenup negotiations may save a lot of heartache and regret later down the road.

A Qualified Prenup Lawyer Can Ensure the Validity of the Agreement in California

While generally governed by contract law, California imposes many additional requirements on prenuptial contracts. Currently, these formalities include a seven-day waiting period between the time of signing and the marriage ceremony, as well as a notarization requirement.

An experienced California prenup attorney knows the ins and outs of the law. They know the necessary formalities for drafting a prenup. They also understand how to identify impediments standing in the way of an otherwise valid prenup. 

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A Prenup Lawyer Can Help You Make More Informed Choices

It is important to understand each term in a prenup before you sign completely. An experienced prenup attorney can help you understand the law and probable outcomes should you divorce. In addition, a lawyer can help when a party owns real property or a business in another state. An experienced California prenuptial agreement lawyer can help a future spouse understand how a California court will treat out-of-state assets in a divorce.  

An Attorney Can Help You Avoid Problems Down the Road 

California courts are cautious when it comes to approving prenups in which only one party has independent legal representation. This is particularly the case where the prenup appears one-sided or evidence suggests fraud or coercion. Courts feel better when both parties have their own lawyers, and they are less inclined to hold up proceedings with questions and concerns when adequate legal representation is evident.

Who are the Top Prenup Lawyers in California?

There are clear benefits to working with an attorney to create and negotiate your pre-marital agreement. But who is the right California prenup attorney to help you? Below you’ll find an entirely non-biased list ( 😉 ) of the top prenup attorneys in California.

  1. Cyrus Pacific Law – What can we say, we really do believe we are the best! If you’ve read this far, we hope you’ll reach out to schedule your free prenup consult. We will help you draft, negotiate, and finalize your prenup (or postnup) promptly, with minimal stress, so that you can move forward in your marriage from a place of openness and confidence.
  2. Raymond Hekmat – Attorney Raymond Hekmat of Hekmat Law & Mediation, P.C. is a prolific publisher on topics involving premarital agreements in California. If you don’t choose to go with us, you’ll be well served with attorney Hekmet.
  3. Lynette Kim – Attorney Kim is a mediator and collaborative attorney with an impeccable reputation. A child of divorce, she approaches her work as a family law attorney with compassion and sympathy. Folks searching for a prenup lawyer in California would be in good hands with Attorney Kim.
  4. Erin Campbell – Erin is the founder and principal attorney at West Coast Prenup, a southern California-based firm that (like us) is exclusively dedicated to helping clients with their premarital agreements.
  5. Laura Landesman – Laura is an attorney at the Los Angeles-based family law firm Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles. Laura has been a Certified Family Law Specialist for over 20 years. She’s been awarded the “Super Lawyers” designation in addition to being AV Preeminent Rated by Martindale-Hubbell.

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Prenups are not romantic. Discussing prenups may be unsettling. However, going it alone means uncertainty in the event of divorce. Before signing anything, contact the prenup lawyers in Los Angeles at Cyrus Pacific Law for a free consultation. We look out for your best interests no matter what.  

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