How We Price Our Prenup Services

At Cyrus Pacific Law our prenuptial agreement services begin at $3,000. Given your unique circumstances and goals, the amount we will quote you depends on our assessment of how much time your attorney will need to spend to meet your needs. An uncomplicated prenup will cost less than one that includes a large amount of property, assets, and debt. 

For example, if you have relatively few assets and you are only interested in outlining how those assets will be treated in the case of a divorce with your partner, your prenuptial agreement will necessarily be less complex. Accordingly, it will take an attorney less time, and so it will cost less.

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Alternatively, if you have a more complex situation – extensive assets like business interests, retirement accounts, real estate, etc. – and you are interested in your prenup covering more scenarios – how assets will be divided, how alimony will work, how financial rights will work during the marriage – this will require more time from your attorney and so the cost will be higher.

Contact prenup attorney Daniel Galdjie at Cyrus Pacific Law for guidance if you’re considering a premarital agreement.

How Much Does it Cost to Review an Existing Prenup?

We often hear from clients whose partner has already had a prenup drafted, and they want a qualified attorney to review it and represent their interests. A prenup is a legal contract, and it’s always in your best interest to have an attorney who is ethically obligated to represent your best interests review such agreements.

We quote this service on an individual basis, but the principal is no different than if we were drafting the agreement from scratch. The more complex the agreement, the more time will be required to review it, provide suggested revisions, etc., and so the greater the prenup cost will be.

Rest assured, we will always be transparent about the cost of our services, and you’ll never be hit with a surprise bill.

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What Factors Impact the Cost of Prenuptial Agreements? 

Answering, “How much does a prenup cost?” isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. It depends on several factors, such as location and the complexity of your agreement. As a result, prices are highly variable. However, you can expect to pay at least $3,000 for a prenup attorney in most situations. Although that price may be steep, it can save you many times that amount should your marriage end in divorce.

You are investing upfront in an enforceable, legally binding premarital agreement. A prenup will position you for clarity and practicality if you need to divide assets in the case of a divorce. 

Whatever the prenup cost, it will likely be less than the cost of leaving the distribution of assets to a judge’s interpretation of a state’s equitable distribution laws.

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How Much Does a Prenup Cost in California When You Have a Lot of Assets?

While prenups aren’t only for high net-worth couples, they are common for couples in this income bracket. Depending on the types of assets and their overall value, a high net-worth prenup may cost several times more than a prenup for couples with a less complicated financial situation. This is especially true if the agreement includes things like multiple real estate properties, special provisions, or complex divisions.

Additionally, the longer it takes to negotiate the prenup terms, the higher the cost. These factors, along with other common issues addressed in a prenup, influence prenuptial agreement cost significantly if you and/or your spouse have a high net-worth.

Who Benefits from a Prenup?

Few want to begin marriage thinking about divorce and death, but it’s not pessimistic to seek a prenup. It’s a step that many responsible couples take to protect each other. Proceeding with marriage without a prenup could prove a costly mistake when dividing property in the case of divorce.

Prenuptial agreements can benefit any couple getting married, regardless of financial position. But certain situations make it crucial for you to create a prenup. Couples that especially need a prenuptial agreement include people who:

  • Own business interests,
  • Possess assets or debts,
  • Have children from a previous relationship,
  • Anticipate a large inheritance,
  • Have a large age difference,
  • Have incomes that are significantly different from one another,
  • Have been married before, or
  • Are in retirement. 

While these individuals have a particular need to protect their assets, any married couple that realizes that the future is not guaranteed needs a prenup—regardless of net worth. 

What’s Included in a Prenuptial Agreement?

What should be included (or excluded) from a prenup is determined by state law. For example, in California, the Uniform Prenuptial Agreement Act (UPAA) applies to California prenuptial agreements. 

Under the UPAA, a prenup agreement can be enforced in California only if the spouse:

  • Received complete information about all the other spouse’s property and finances before entering into the agreement, and
  • Had at least seven days to review the prenuptial agreement before signing it.

At Cyrus Pacific Law, we compose each prenup to protect our clients by drafting a legally enforceable contract protecting your financial interests. Although the contents of a prenup vary among clients, standard components include protections for: 

  • Current and future earnings,
  • Debt,
  • Property,
  • Retirement accounts,
  • Inheritance,
  • Business protection, 
  • Spousal support, and
  • Any other matter allowed by law.

Under the UPAA, couples can stipulate financial matters and protect property. However, a couple cannot stipulate child custody or child support matters. If a prenup contains such terms, the provisions are not enforceable.

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A prenuptial agreement can give you peace of mind, knowing that your assets are protected as you prepare to move forward and enter into marriage. Let Cyrus Pacific Law draft a prenuptial agreement that protects your hard-earned assets. 

At Cyrus Pacific Law, we guide our clients through the prenuptial process to protect their interests. Equally as important, we facilitate meaningful discussions and ask the right questions. Ultimately, we produce a prenup that allows each party to feel comfortable heading into their vows. 

Understanding that no two marriages are alike, attorney Daniel Galdjie and the Cyrus Pacific Law legal team pay personal attention to the specifics of your case. We put our more than a decade of experience serving clients to work for you. In the end, we help you finalize exceptional prenuptial agreement arrangements. To secure your financial future, please call or contact us online.

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