Cyrus Pacific Law maintains an active real estate law practice assisting individuals, families, and commercial clients in a wide range of matters. Purchasing and selling property, tackling development obstacles, and dealing with complex financing goals can be high-risk expenditures in which pitfalls often hide in the fine print. To protect your rights and interests in any matter involving real property and land, working with a proven legal professional is critical.

Mr. Galdjie is well versed in current laws and market conditions and draws from extensive legal experience when guiding clients through their unique real estate matters. We have the tools, resources, and goal-oriented focus demanded by these issues and strive to secure the most positive results possible in even the most complex cases. Should the need arise, our firm also has the resources to represent clients in real estate matters that require litigation.

Regardless of the issue at hand, real estate matters often involve numerous regulatory issues, complex financing, contracts, paperwork, and a great deal of legalese. Our legal team works closely with clients and other involved parties – including property owners, buyers, commercial lenders, brokers and real estate agents, contractors, and more – to ensure the process runs as swiftly and smoothly as possible.