A Skilled Lawyer and an Experienced Builder

Cyrus Pacific Law represents owners, developers, contractors, vendors, material suppliers, and engineers and architects in a wide range of disputes arising out of construction projects, including commercial buildings, condominiums and cooperatives, rental buildings, and single-family homes.

The firm also serves its clients in drafting, serving, filing, enforcing and vacating Mechanic’s Liens, representing them in arbitrations, mediations and litigations, including diversion of trust funds actions, negotiating and drafting license and access agreements, advising them with respect to excavation and underpinning projects, drafting and reviewing construction contracts, dealing with insurance coverage and architect and engineering issues, and serving as a construction law expert.

Daniel Galdjie, Esq. has extensive experience as a real estate developer building multi-family projects in the Greater Los Angeles area, providing him with a unique set of skills rarely found among attorneys who do not have personal experience in construction and real estate development.

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